Molehill 2D

While Flash 11 was in beta there was a lot of hype about the 3d rendering performance with the new Molehill API. At that time I did a lot of research into the feasibility of leveraging the Molehill apis to get the most out of 2D rendering performance. Most 2D Molehill projects used textured quads to leverage the graphics card. My target application required a significant amount of vector graphics, both lines and filled polygon.

The Molehill API does not support GL_LINEs so each vector line was extruded out into two triangles.

A lot of work was put into packing as many vectors as possible into the vertex buffers and to reduce the number of polygons.

While the results were impressive the biggest setback was the lack of line support within Molehill. When dealing with massive amounts of lines the polygon count jumps significantly, hindering performance.

This project has been sitting in my github private repository for some time so I'm making it public. Keep in mind this was used entirely for performance testing and to be used only for reference.

A more in-depth explanation of the project coming soon...